Fast delicious recipes from the blog world

Fast delicious recipes from the blog world!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to the blog

Welcome! I started this blog with the help of a friend to whom I was always recommending great recipes I came across from the internet. She was always telling how delicious they tasted and said I should do something to tell as many people as I could about these recipes I was finding, so here I am!

I am going to be focusing on recipes that are quick and taste good and involve lots of fresh ingredients. You won't find bacon-weave wrapped hamburger meat recipes( here, sorry big guys!

The first recipe is one I came across and tried earlier this week, which is a really simple tomato based pasta sauce. It's only ingredients are stewed tomatoes, an onion, butter, and pasta! Enjoy.

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  1. I'll send you a recipe for a pretty boss banana cake later, bro!